How to set up a great profile on PositiveSingles?

profiles writing Most singles are willing to join an online dating site for people with herpes so that it can save them much time and the disappointment of hanging out in bars or meeting people by chance. Being online gives us all the feeling that we are being proactive about finding the love of our life while we are staying successful in our businesses and devoted as parents.

Hence the profile a man writes to describe himself is critical to me. I don't care how good looking or wealthy a man is, if he can't write an enticing description about himself (or have a friend, sister or secretary do so) I do not want to waste my time even talking with him.

If you are an above average person looking for an above average partner you better do everything possible to look above average! Take the time and the energy to invest in the process and you will attract someone who is more likely to be compatible with you than if you just throw something up online in a mad rush.

A well-done profile saves everyone a lot of time and aggravation. So let's talk about both your photo and your written description of yourself and the person you are eager to meet.


Let's talk about your photo first. The saying, "A picture tells a thousand words," is 100% true. That is absolutely the first thing someone is going to notice. Based on your photo they will either read all the wonderful things you have to say about yourself or they will move right along to the next possible prospect.


1. You need to include two kinds of photos? those professionally done and those that are of you living your life. Don't balk at the expense of getting a professional photo taken, every J.C. Penny, Sears and Wal-Mart have a professional photography studio where you can get a great shot dirt cheap! If you want to be taken seriously you need to show that you've put some time and energy into the process.

2. You need two other kinds of photos? Close up and full length. It's a painful moment when you realize your date has an engaging smile, beautiful eyes and a large waist. If you are the one with the large waist, either practice fair advertising or take down the ad. I don't care how hard you are working on losing weight it isn't fair to those interested in you to post photos that don't show the reality of who you are the day they are going to meet you.

3. Find someone to take a few nice photos of you. It is obvious when someone has done the one arm photo of him or herself. To me, this just says, I have no friends so I had to take a goofy-looking photo of myself!?

4. Please do not include photos of you with sunglasses on unless you've got at least two other photos without them.

5. Be cautious of photos where you are so far away not even those who know you would recognize you. These are acceptable when you have at least two other close up photos of you and they show something really interesting, like you on the rim of the Grand Canyon or skiing down the Matterhorn. Otherwise leave the distant shot of you on the prairie out.

6. No photos of you with other women unless you clearly identify them as your daughters, sisters, or mother. Otherwise, figure out how to use Photo Shop and get rid of them or get one of your friends to do the dirty work for you.

7. Okay, what about animals and random scenery? If you are going to post these kinds of photos please let your viewer know its significance to you. Is that the cat they will have to share the bed with should they ever get to sleep with you? Is that field of flowers in your backyard or is it just a pretty photo you took on your vacation back home in Iowa?

8. And last, come on smile, won't ya! What is the point of posting photos of you not smiling? Is that supposed to compel someone to want to spend an evening with you? Unless you really are a bore, don't post a photo of you all pensive and political looking.


Why take the time to write a detailed description of yourself? Because the age old adage is true, ?You never have a second chance to make a first impression.?

Make yourself sound as special as you are. I would be a millionaire if I had a dime for every time I read, "I'm a really laid back person," "I love the outdoors" And "I can go from black-tie to jeans with ease." These are all good, but if you write little else about yourself you will just be joining the blah-blah-blah drone of the masses.

If you are serious about finding someone who is compatible with you try to creatively describe the following about yourself. You don't have to address each of these but a good number of them would certainly help someone get to know you better.

Describe yourself:

1. Interests and hobbies- What would someone find you doing after work or on the weekend? Do you like to run marathons, go to flea markets, collect stamps, go shopping, watch football games or play tennis? Don't cook but would like to learn if someone wanted to show you how, or your friends call you Chef your such a good cook?

2. Career - What do you do for a living, how long have you been doing it, what do you like about it, do you travel for work and if so how often?

3. Education - Describe any special schooling you've had and where.

4. Lifestyle - Are you into Harley's, fine dining, fitness, a music buff, martial arts, what sport are you really into (or all of them!) and do you prefer going out all the time or hanging out at home?

5. Activity level - Couch potato or fitness buff? Indoor activities or outdoor activities? Are you at the gym five days a week or five minutes a month?

6. Spirituality - Give a general description about your spiritual beliefs, if you are spiritual but not religious? Say what that means to you? Do you attend church, if so how often? Were you raised one religion and now practice none, or practice a completely different one? Are you non-religious and non-spiritual?

7. Musical preferences - Can't stand country, crazy about classical? Is hip hop a deal breaker and rock and roll a date maker?

8. Values - What are some values that are personally important to you?

9. Humor - Are you sarcastic, dry, quick witted, love to tell a good joke or just listen to one?

10. Reading preferences - Do you prefer fiction, non-fiction, the newspaper, or magazines? How many books do you read a year, and what did you like about the last book you read are all excellent to share.

11. Where you've traveled and where you would like to travel - Favorite places your been and if you could get on a plane tomorrow with your date where would you like to go?

12. What you desire in a man or woman - If you are interested in a specific age, height or type of person describe that clearly. What qualities do you find most attractive, or not so attractive?

13. Other special perks - Can you give a great foot rub, make the best margarita outside Mexico, speak five foreign languages, have season tickets to the philharmonic, or just longing for the right man/woman to Pamper? With a capital?!

14. Level of importance - If one of these is really important to you say so. If you could care less about someone's musical preferences and have no particular preference yourself no need to elaborate on it. But if you are into fitness and want someone else who is as well, say so.

If you address many of these topics and post several great photos of yourself on Positive Singles, you are sure to reduce your frustration and increase your fascination and fun in the process of attracting that special someone you are looking for to share love and romance.