4 Simple Herpes Dating Tips

herpes dating tips australia Generally speaking, dating is a challenge of which luck is 99%. As for dating with herpes, extra problems will come along with, eg, how to tell someone you have the virus, the worry of passing the virus to others unless you are using herpes dating sites.

To make HSV dating easier, you can use the 4 simple tips.

1. A good first impression

Your STD condition can't define who you are. Although you are living with herpes, you don't have to let the virus limit your life.

Start to dating online by making an attractive and sincere profile which can let others know that you are serious.

Write to the potential match in a polite and friendly tone.

These things can help you stand out among other members.

Remember: who you are and what you can provide to the relationship is far more important than the virus.

2. Be aware of fake profiles

It's common for fake or problem profiles on all dating sites. But we should be cautious about the unusual things.

Actually, there are some obvious tips for fake profiles, for example, using model-like photos, sending generic messages, asking contact information quickly, asking for financial support, or selling nude photos, etc.

We'd like to make everything safe. So report such profiles when you find any and stop communicating.

If you can't confirm that someone you are chatting with is real or not, you can do an image search. You can also contact the support team to help.

PositiveSingles.com has done a good job on this field by scanning all profiles manually and promoted the verification service.
But not all dating sites do a scanning profile service, so users need to pay attention to.
Zero tolerance to such behaviors and report the profiles.

3. Don't talk Herpes too much

When you start to get in touch with someone, you probably need to discuss herpes. However, don't make herpes the main conversation.

Let the person get to know who you are and what you can give in a relationship.

Keep a positive attitude for life and talk something friendly and happy for the first chat. Disclose the herpes status after 2 or 3 dates (before the sexual contact) when you know each other better.

4. Be cautious about warning signs

It's not easy to know who the person really is before the screen in internet dating.

Avoid sharing your personal information on the dating profile, eg, your real name, detailed address, telephone number, etc.

What's more, most people want to date someone who can handle their condition and life well. Far away from the people who are overly negative or cheating on their condition.


Online dating offers a great community to people with herpes which broaden the way to find a date. When you are ready for a new relationship, you can use regular or herpes dating sites. Make sure to use the 4 simple tips to avoid any potential online dating problems. You'll have a better chance of finding a perfect match.